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Jr. High

Jr. High is a fun Jesus-centered environment where everyone can belong, grow, and be loved. Our Jr.High experience takes place on Sunday mornings alongside each of our general Worship experiences. Our Jr. High experiences are about 75 mins in length and are engaging and interactive. Come ready to play games, learn more about Jesus, and grow with others.

Jr. High


When can my son or daughter start attending Jr.High?

Our Jr. High experience is geared towards middle school students ages 11-14.

How do I get my Jr. High student involved?

If it is your first time at Jr.613, please come in and say hi! We will walk you through a quick registration process to help you create a profile for your son or daughter. Once they have a profile made specifically for them, they will be all set up to check themselves in for future weeks!

How can I stay informed as to what is upcoming?

We value you as parents and would love for you to know all that your middle-schooler can be a part of here at Lifecentre! Sign up for our LifeStudents Newsletter to stay updated as to what is up and coming!

Parent Resources


1. Sticky Faith by Kara E. Powell (Author), Chap Clark 

If you’re a Christian parent looking for a viable resource to raise your children with a lasting faith, this is it. This is a great read no matter the ages of your kids but if you haven’t read it by the teen years, you definitely must!

2. Boundaries With Teens by John Townsend

Biblically-based advice from renowned counsellor Dr. John Townsend will help you navigate the challenging teen years with your child with grace, truth, and love. Knowing when to say yes and how to say no will make a world of difference in your parenting and help you raise confident Christian teens.

3. The Five Love Languages of Teens by Gary Chapman

You may have walked through Chapman’s Love Languages as a couple or a parent of younger kiddos, and you’ll want to revisit this version now that you’ve got teens. I love the applications given to help improve communication and continue supporting your teen to feel loved beyond you, shouting “I LOVE you!” as the door slams behind them.

Website: Parent Cue

Apps: Parent Cue App